In many countries such as Spain, according to the Statute of Workers, there is a law that obligates to register the working hours of employees with a part-time contract. Portugal, Argentina, Chile and other countries of the international framework, are also required to carry out the same time management control.

Because the international community recognizes the importance of labour inspection, the ILO has made the promotion of the ratification of two labour inspection conventions (Nos. 81 and 129) a priority. To date, more than 145 countries have ratified the Labour Inspection Convention, 1947 (No. 81), and 53 have ratified Convention No. 129.

However, most of the customers of MHP have not chosen the service due to the obligation, or to register the employee's working day, but for the guarantee that the service works permanently and for its management application, which speeds up and it facilitates the procedures of online form of requests for vacations, permissions, and justification of absences by hours.

The service includes integration because all parties must intervene for an optimal operation which are:

Time Management Device

Management application 'Time Management Application' web y mobile

Legal advice, a legal expert in data protection, devoted both to the service of our Organization, as well as the collaboration and advice of our customers.

Customer Service and Technical Support

System integration

Continuous training

There are 2 profiles:

1. Staff managers: can intermediaries between their organization and MHP information to start the service. They are users with special permissions to manage the requests submitted by users of the service.

2. Users of the service: can use the time management device and access their Time Management Application for the consultation of their own clockings, vacation requests, permits, and the justification of their absences.

Yes, it is possible to customize the color of the devices, the management application, logo of your organization, personalized concepts, multiple languages and more. See other options.

Staff managers can review, authorize or deny requests submitted by users employees, who in turn can access their personal Time Management Application to review their own information and submit such requests.

Also, the staff managers have access to the consultation and exploitation of data by departments or individuals, through the issuance of reports.

The quadrant occupancy, one-day transfers, and the monthly transfer report.

If you want other types of reports, you can configure them in the application.

Work easy with our Time Management smartphone App.

The monthly fee is defined by the number of time management devices and the number of employees. That is why it's essential to use this information before, so we can send you a quote.

No, you can contact us to end the service.

48 hours

According to our implementation protocol and with the active collaboration of the client to be able to dump all the necessary data, the start up of the service would be within a period of no more than 30 days

Once the service has been implemented, according to the start-up protocol.

Our support team will incorporate the data provided by the company in the management application.

MHP will actively collaborate in the training of the personnel designated by the company to carry out this easy task.

No, the data is anonymized. MHP has developed a technology that prevents any attempt at impersonation, complying with the data protection regulations. Each print is unique and non-transferrable. The collection and recording of the fingerprint are carried out person to person.

Yes. The system allows all kinds of signings in various formats of employees, which can be obtained directly by the HR manager of the company.

Outsource the service guarantees the objectivity of the reports submitted to a judicial conflict.

As responsible for the processing of your data, MHP ensures that you have the technical competence and organizations that are required in accordance with the new legislation on data protection.

If the customer acquires a time management device of these characteristics, assuming with it the treatment of the data, it must take into account that it must implement all the security, technical and organizational measures, which the GDPR requires to carry out a correct treatment of the biometric data, which the terminal will collect, given its specially protected data category.

MHP has implemented all the technical, organizational and security measures necessary to comply with the new GDPR.

In addition to the aforementioned, MHP is certified in:

1) The International Standard for Information Security ISO 27001

2) Spain National Security Scheme - Middel Level

By contracting the MHP service, the client has the guarantee of technical and organizational solvency and security in the processing of their data.

They must note that according to the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection and the Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD), the Security measures in the public sector, in some European countries it is the obligation to adopt the measures of the National Security Scheme.

Given the foregoing, in case of treating data are particularly sensitive, among the ¨biometric data directed to be unequivocally identified to a person, the responsibility of the fingerprints are detailed in article 77.1 of the LOPDGDD (general public entities), must apply them, or monitor that they are applied in case a third party provides the service.

In case of a public administration, as you can see above about article 77.1, MHP would comply with all the measures that must be implemented, as they are certified in the National Security Scheme - Medium level in Spain.

1. If you assume the responsibility of acquiring a time management terminal for this purpose, you should know that, given that the biometric data acquires a specially protected data category, it is necessary to adopt all the security, organizational and technical measures required by the New Regulation. General Data Protection. If you contract the MHP Service, you will be delegating this responsibility and depositing it in a provider that guarantees that you will archive this responsibility, according to the legally established terms.

2. To the option of buying the product, we must add the cost of making it work such as assistance in the configurations, troubleshooting, attention to incidents, updates, etc. By choosing the option of hiring the MHP Service, everything is covered.